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Our Story

Shelby and I have been in the pet care industry for just over 10 years. What started out as a summer job for the both of us, actually turned into an amazing career. In 2016 we made our dream into a reality, took the plunge, and created Justin & Shelby’s Groom N’ Go Inc. We understood that our business name was long and we could have simply named the business Groom N’ Go Inc. However, we wanted people to know exactly who they were going to meet and who they were trusting to groom their pets. We felt it was important to have a more personal touch to the business name that way we would become a member of your family rather than your groomer. Our company strives to make your pet’s grooming experience a calm, relaxed and personal grooming experience. A place where a bond can be built between your pet and us. At Justin & Shelby’s Groom N’ GO we say “When you’re tired of the assembly line we groom your pets one at a time.”

Our Team

Justin Mcghee & Shelby Lebron

Our Contacts

(909) 465 3902
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